Announcing the 2020 Student Architecture and Construction Award Program

Dilwana in collaboration with New Era college of Arts, Science & Technology are introducing an article competition for all Batswana. Established in 2009, New Era College of Arts, Science and Technology offer primarily engineering courses and has transformed Botswana’s engineering landscape in the past 10 years. The College now strives to be an innovative and research – driven tertiary institution of choice in Africa and beyond The competition should be about a 750 words long article with the title; “The impact of Covid 19 and proposed solutions for the Built and Construction Industry”. The article must be well researched with viable sources; must be concise and should be clearly understood by non-specialists. It is also advisable that entrants must write in a formal academic manner using Harvard referencing and should desist from plagiarism. The core mandate of this competition is to impact and shed light on the architecture and construction industry to a larger audience We are proud to be in partnership with Mmegi Online to reach a larger audience.

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The winner of the competition will be elected by a Professor at New Era College of Arts, Science & Technology based on the quality of the article. The other two winners will be decided by the number of votes that each article received.

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All articles must be submitted on the 15th August 2020


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